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During pre-partition business of Agriculture Produce Markets was governed under Agriculture Produce Markets Act, 1939. The said law was framed on the recommendation of royal commission constituted by the British India Government during 1927. The sole-intention of the act was to regulate the Agri. Business so as to do away the evils and vices which ultimately tended to the deprivation of the grower from his fair return of his produce. Market Committees were established to regulate the agriculture business under the provisions of above said act which were assigned Nobel pursuit i.e. Safeguard the interest of grower.
Thereafter, the Act of 1939 was replaced by the Punjab Local Government Act, 1975, but for legal and technical reasons, the provisions of the act could not be enforced. Later the relevant provisions of the Punjab Local Government Act, 1975 were replaced by the Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets Ordinance (PAPMO), 1978 and General Rules were farmed during 1979. The Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets Ordinance (PAPMO), 1978 and its General Rules 1979 remained in place till promulgation of Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (PAMRA) Act, 2018 amended in 2020.




It was necessary to establish an Authority to facilitate and regulate the systematic growth and transformation of the marketing of agricultural produce; to assist the development of agricultural commerce through multiple channels; to provide meaningful support to the growers; and, to make for incidental provisions. In this regard, enactment of Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (PAMRA) Act, 2018, with amendments in 2020 has been promulgated repealing the previous acts/rules. Now, all functions and activities of agriculture marketing are governed and undertaken as per latest enactment. Major thrust areas of the department are:

·         Managing 239 Agriculture Markets in Punjab including 105 Fruits & Vegetable Markets and 134 Grain Markets

·         Supervision of 131 Market Committees in Punjab.

·         To prescribe grading standards for a specific agricultural produce;

·         To prescribe good agricultural practices, geographical origin of an agriculture produce or particular farming method for an agricultural produce;

·         To prescribe fees for registration of an agricultural produce market, collection center, virtual market and a service provider;

·         To promote alternative marketing channels and contract farming;

·         To promote and enforce the adoption of a fair system of auction of an agricultural produce in line with the best regional and international practices;

·         To provide training for service providers;

·         To control unfair marketing practices;

·         To provide market information services, model contract farming templates and undertake surveys of markets and marketing of agricultural produce;

·         To undertake research and publications in agricultural produce marketing; and

·         To perform such other functions as the Government may assign


Composition of PAMRA Authority


PAMRA authority is headed by the Chairman PAMRA and Director General PAMRA assists the Chairman to undertake proceedings of the authority. Under ibid enactment, the Authority consists of Chairperson and following members:

a)     Special Secretary to Government of the Punjab, Agriculture Marketing;

b)     Director General Punjab Food Authority;

c)     Three members of Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, including at least one female member, of whom two members to be nominated by the Government and one by the Leader of Opposition;

d)     One Vice Chancellor of an agricultural University in the public or private sector;

e)     Four persons from the private sector, including at least one female member, if available, having agricultural background and experience in modern methods of agricultural marketing; and

f)      Director General (member/secretary).


Chairperson and the members other than those mentioned at (a), (b) and (f) are nominated by the Government. 




Directorate of Agriculture (Economics & Marketing) Punjab


The agricultural marketing system is looked after by the Directorate of Agriculture (Economics & Marketing) Punjab. This Directorate works as Secretariat of Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (PAMRA) under section 6 of Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (PAMRA) Act, 2018, amended in 2020.


Market Committees in Punjab


A Market Committee is a corporate body established under section 15 A of ibid act. Duties and powers assigned to Market Committees are as under:


·         To implement the provisions of the  ibid Act, the rules and the by-laws made or framed thereunder in the market area;

·         To provide such facilities for marketing of agricultural produce as the Authority may from time to time direct;

·         To do all possible measures to bring about complete transparency in auction proceedings, pricing system and transactions taking place in market area.

·         To regulate, conduct or supervise the auction of notified agricultural produce in accordance with the provision and procedure laid down under the rules or bye-laws made under the Act.

·         To maintain all relevant record pertaining to arrival, auction and prices of agricultural produce on daily basis.

·          To ensure cleanliness within premises of Agricultural Produce Markets and to control malpractices by taking actions as per law.


Punjab Institute of Agriculture Marketing (PIAM)


It is a training institute which has mandate to enhance capacity building of headquarter staff and filed formation of Agriculture Marketing to make them well cognizant with laws / regulations and major issues in agriculture marketing. Main objectives of Punjab Institute of Agriculture Marketing (PIAM) are as under:


  Effective service delivery mechanism of officers & officials of Agriculture Department, Economics & Marketing, Punjab

  Better office management (filing, noting and drafting system),

  To enhance understanding of officers / officials of (E&M) and Market Committees, Punjab about relevant law of Agriculture Marketing i.e. Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (PAMRA) Act, 2018, amended in 2020.

  To improve the quality of market information i.e. rate collection, formulation of rate list and arrival recording of agricultural produce in Agriculture markets

  Better understanding about financial powers and budgetary matters

  Make participants understand the inspection/ monitoring channel and techniques to reduce the leakages in recovery of revenue

  To improve  knowledge on legal implications and effective inspection of Agriculture Markets

  To enhance the capacity of all the Officers (E&M) about “Role of Modern Techniques in Reforming Agriculture Marketing System.


Agricultural Marketing Development Fund (AMDF)


Agricultural Marketing Development Fund operates under Punjab Agricultural Marketing Regulatory Authority (PAMRA) and this fund consists of:

  funds provided by the Government;

  loans or grants by the Government;

  grants and loans negotiated and raised, or otherwise obtained, by the Authority with the prior approval of the Government;

  fee, charges, rentals, fines and other moneys collected by the Authority;

  income from the lease or sale of the property;

  funds from floating bonds, shares, debentures, certificates, or other securities issued by the Authority with the approval of the Government;

  contributions received from Market Committees and Management Committees; and

  all other sums received by the Authority.


The Authority shall manage the Fund for the purpose of development of Agriculture Marketing as may be prescribed. The Authority shall meet all its expenses from the Fund and shall exercise prudence in its expenditures from the Fund.


Agriculture Marketing Information Service

This unit is part and parcel of Directorate of Agriculture (E&M) having main focus on supply & price analysis and supply chain management of agricultural commodities. Main duties of Agriculture Marketing Information Service (AMIS) are as under:

·         Overall supervision of website, which is established for collection and dissemination of marketing information regarding agricultural commodities.        

·         Daily supply and price appraisal of agricultural commodities to maintain supply situation, so that prices may remain at affordable.

·         Forecasting Committee convenes its regular meetings, wherein supply and prices of essential agricultural commodities are critically examined, forecast of future marketing prospects are made and same are also timely shared with the Federal Government for taking action well in time.

·         Monthly publication “Agriculture Marketing Round-Up” is published on this website in Urdu language for easy understanding of farmers, which contains information of 13 agricultural crops i.e. wheat, maize, rice basmati, rice irri, sugar, gram black, mash, masoor, moong, onion , potato, tomato, red chilli regarding domestic area & production, international production & prices, export , Import and consumption requirement. Likewise, Supply and Price Analysis is also published on website in English language. 

·         Special scouts are sent to other provinces to assess the crop situation, so that arrival of crop from other provinces during local off production season could be estimated and policies related to export & import of agricultural commodities may be adopted accordingly.





Various initiatives have been taken up in a bid to produce opportunities for welfare of both producers and & consumers which also remained fruitful so far. Following initiatives are in progress:


·         Mandi App was launched and executed to digitalize the marketing processes i.e Arrival, Auction proceeding and recovery of Market Fee of Agricultural Produce Markets of Punjab. Mandi App also aimed at minimizing the gap between auction prices and retail prices of agricultural produces and served as effective tool to watch and monitor prices of essential agricultural commodities.

·         Establishment of Forecasting and Effective Supply chain Management Committee since 04-12-2019. This committee plays pivotal role in ensuring supply chain management of essential food items within province and recommends policy decision to Provincial and Federal Government.

·         To reduce the exploitation of farmers by the commission agents /middlemen, separate dedicated farmer platforms were established for farmers to sale their agricultural produce without paying any commission or fee.

·         In a bid to control the prices of food items, initiative of establishment of Wholesale points was launched in entire Punjab and wholesale points are successfully working so far.

·         Likewise, Sahulat Bazars were also established to reduce inflationary pressure over the shoulder of common man.

·         CCTV Cameras have been installed in 10 major Agricultural Produce Markets to monitor auction process as well as other activities of the staff of Market Committees.


Organization Chart of Agriculture Marketing Department, Punjab