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Agriculture Marketing Information Service
Directorate of Agriculture (Economics & Marketing) Punjab, Lahore
Service is not available today due to non avialablity of prices on Sunday/Holiday(23/03,01/05,14/08,25/12)
CityNameCropNameToday's FQP/Average PriceYesterday's FQP/Average PriceChange in PricePrice Direction
VehariPotato Fresh35004250 -750Rise in price
VehariPotato Store18001500 +300Rise in price
VehariTomato52505500 -250Rise in price
VehariBrinjal45004250 +250Rise in price
VehariLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)52505300 -50Rise in price
VehariBitter Gourd (کریلا)27502350 +400Rise in price
VehariPumpkin16001350 +250Rise in price
VehariMango(Chounsa)65005500 +1000Rise in price
VehariMango(Anwer Ratol)65004500 +2000Rise in price
VehariCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)115008500 +3000Rise in price
VehariMango Desi27502250 +500Rise in price
VehariBottle Gourd (کدو)35003250 +250Rise in price
VehariJaman105008500 +2000Rise in price
VehariCocoyam(اروی)27502300 +450Rise in price
DGKHANPotato Fresh29002500 +400Rise in price
DGKHANGinger(China)1925018500 +750Rise in price
DGKHANSpinach700900 -200Rise in price
DGKHANBrinjal35003900 -400Rise in price
DGKHANGarlic (Local)42503900 +350Rise in price
DGKHANWatermelon29002500 +400Rise in price
DGKHANGreen Chilli52504750 +500Rise in price
DGKHANPeach Special85009500 -1000Rise in price
DGKHANPlum85009500 -1000Rise in price
DGKHANBottle Gourd (کدو)29002250 +650Rise in price
DGKHANZucchini (گھیا توری)25002250 +250Rise in price
DGKHANCocoyam(اروی)35002500 +1000Rise in price
JhelumPotato Fresh25002100 +400Rise in price
JhelumBrinjal37503250 +500Rise in price
JhelumPeas1600016500 -500Rise in price
JhelumApple (Golden)1075011000 -250Rise in price
JhelumApple Kala Kullu (Madani)1200011500 +500Rise in price
JhelumCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)50004500 +500Rise in price
JhelumPlum700014000 -7000Rise in price
JhelumSweet Musk Melon27504500 -1750Rise in price
JhelumSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)45002750 +1750Rise in price
JhelumZucchini (گھیا توری)55004750 +750Rise in price
SanglahillPotato Fresh24002300 +100Rise in price
SanglahillLady Finger/Okra (بھنڈی توری)63006150 +150Rise in price
SanglahillTinda81508000 +150Rise in price
SanglahillCauliflower61504550 +1600Rise in price
SanglahillCarrot44504250 +200Rise in price
SanglahillApple Kala Kullu (Pahari)1515015050 +100Rise in price
SanglahillCucumber (Kheera)63006150 +150Rise in price
SanglahillGreen Chilli53505150 +200Rise in price
SanglahillCapsicum (شملہ مرچ)51005150 -50Rise in price
SanglahillLemon (Desi)1115011200 -50Rise in price
SanglahillPeach90509150 -100Rise in price
SanglahillPlum1215012200 -50Rise in price
SanglahillSweet Musk Melon (Shireen)28003150 -350Rise in price
SanglahillBottle Gourd (کدو)17001900 -200Rise in price
SanglahillZucchini (گھیا توری)29003150 -250Rise in price